Before & After School Club

Kidz around the Clock Club

We open at 7:30am, with the option to book in from 7:30am or 8am for breakfast club, children are then taken over to school in time for when school starts.

Afterschool is open until 6pm with the option to book children in until 4, 5 or 6pm.

Before School

Breakfast is available each morning from 8am – 8.30am, at an extra cost of £1.25. Children will usually have the choice of:

  • Yoghurt
  • Variety of cereals
  • Toast with a choice of toppings /Fruit toast
  • Fruit
  • Milk

A member of staff will take all Reception class children over to their classrooms and ensure they have gone in safely with their teacher. Children in Years 1, 2 and 3 will be let into school through the connecting door and supervised by practitioners to ensure children go straight to their classroom. Years 4- 6 are walked down to school though the school playground by practitioners and taken into school via the main school entrance.

After School

Children in Reception class are collected by a ‘Kidz Around the Clock’ club practitioner every night. All children in Year 1, 2 and 3 meet at the Afterschool door where they will be checked against a register and taken into club. years 4 – 6 are collected from the main school hall where they are also checked against a register before walking though the playground to nursery where they are then again registered into the building.  Snack time takes place between 4:00 & 5:00pm at an additional cost of £1.25  During this time, children will be offered a variety of items which may include:

  • toast
  • sandwiches or wraps
  • crackers
  • fruit or veg
  • Yoghurt